928 Tips

Instrument Pod

Battery Warning Light ALWAYS On
Bulb Replacement - Gauge Illumination
Bulb Replacement - Light & Fog Switches
Coolant Light Always On
Dash Lights Out
Dashboard Lights too Dim
Fuel Gauge Adjustment
Fuel Gauge Calibration, for 89 and newer
Fuel Gauge Errors
High-beam Indicator not Illuminating
Horn Pad Removal
Ignition Key Cylinder Replacement
Ignition Switch Replacement
Instrument Pod Removal
Keyhead Replacement
Language Change for Computer Display
Light Bulb ID Codes
Locksmith Services
Low Coolant - False Warnings
Low Coolant - Real Warnings!
Odometer Gear Tutorial
Odometer Repair Services
Oil Pressure Gauge Always Pegged High
Plastic Cluster Face - Scratch Removal
Scratch Removal
Speedo and Tach "Sticking"
Speedometer does not Work
Speedometer Intermittent
Speedometer Needle Removal
Speedometer Sensor Testing
Steering Wheel Replacement
Stop and Tail Lamp Warning Lights, False Alarms
Tail Light Warnings, Intermittant
Temperature Gauge Troubleshooting
Turn Signal does not Cancel
Turn Signals Stopped Working
Voltmeter Reads Low
Windshield Wipers Fail on "Intermittent"
Windshield Wipers wont Park