928 Tips


'82 Wont Run
Air Pump Failure
Air Pump Rebuild
Air Pump Repair
Alternating Current (AC) Ripple Test
Backfire followed by Poor Running
Basic Diagnostic Steps
Braided Hose Replacement
Broken Bolt Removal
Cam Shaft Oil Seal Replacement
Cam Tower Leak Repair
Cam Tower Seal Replacement, Early 928
Catalytic Converter Diagnosis
Chip Set Testing
Clicking Noise at Idle
Clogged Fuel Filter
Compression and Leakdown Tests
Compression Check
Compression Check Tip
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Removal
Crankshaft Seal Replacement, Front
Dyno Testing
EGR Testing
Emissions Bypass on a '79
Emissions Failure - High HC
Emissions Testing on Modified Car
Emissions: High NOx Readings
Engine Cut-Out
Engine Removal Tips
Engine wont Start
Exhaust, Performance
Flappy Valve Bearing Replacement
Flappy Valve Diagnostics
Fluid Leak from Front Left - Power Steering
Fluid Leak on Firewall
Front Crankshaft Seal Replacement
Front Main Seal R&R
Fuel Injector Hose Removal, 928S
Fuel Injector Rebuild Service
Fuel Injector Removal, 928S4
Fuel Injector Troubleshooting
Fuel Leak at Rear of Car
Fuel Pump Buzzing
Fuel Pump Check Valve Test
Fuel Pump Loud at 1/2 Tank or Less
Fuel Pump Replacement, In-Tank
Fuel Tank Cleanout
Fuel Tank is Partly Collapsed
Fuel Tank Repair
Hard to Start When Warm
Head Stud and Cam Removal Procedure
Heater Hose Replacement, '78 - '84
Idle Adjustment on '83
Idle Adjustment on '85
Idle Fluctuations on 928S
Idle Roughness - Progressively Worse
Idle Stabilizer Diagnostic / Temporary Fix
Idle Stabilizer, Tutorial
Ignition Monitoring System (1989 and newer)
Intake and Valve Covers - Powder Coating
Intake Manifold Painting
Intake Manifold Removal
Intake Painting - Alodine Base
Intake Removal to Repair "Flappy" Valve
Intermittant Starting
K-Jetronic Mixture Adjustment Tool
K-Jetronic Troubleshooting Basics
L and LH Jetronic Diagnostics
Leakdown Test Tips
Low Oil Pressure / Cam Chain Rattle
Misfires at 2000 RPM
Missing, but Good Spark
Motor Mount Inspection and Replacement
Motor Mounts, Low Cost
Motor Mounts: Hydraulic vs. Solid
No Spark
No Start = Crank Sensor
No Start unless Accellerator Pressed
No Start when Hot
Noisy Engine Mounts
Oil Changing Tips
Oil Consumption high in some GTS's
Oil Cooler Hose Repair
Oil in Airbox: Normal?
Oil Leak Near Oil Pressure Sender
Oil Pan Gasket Leak
Oil Pan Gasket Replacement
Oil Recommendations
Oxygen Sensor Replacement Tips
Performance Chip Sets - Worthwhile?
Polishing Engine Parts
Poor Performance at High RPM
Rear Muffler Bypass
Rear Muffler Bypass - Sounds Great!
RMB Fitment Adjustment
Rough Idle / Incorrect Fuel Mixture
Rough Idle = Vacuum Leak
Rough Idle Correction on '86.5
Rough Running on '89GT - Bad Coil?
Running Rough, Intermittently
Spark Plug Removal/Installation
Stalls on First Crank
Starter Problem Troubleshooting
Starter Relay and Solenoid Primer
Surging during Acceleration
T-Belt Tension Tool, Low Cost
Throttle Cable Replacement
Ticking Noises
Timing Belt Experiences
Timing Belt Replacement Procedures
Timing Belt Replacement Tips
Timing Belt Shredded by Dragging Oil Pump
Timing Belt Tension Tool, Low Cost
Timing belt warning light
Timing Belt Warning Light
Timing Specs for S4
Tool to Keep Crank from Turning
Vacuum Leak Trouble Spots
Vacuum Leaks
Vacuum Testing of Manifold Hoses
Valve Cover Removal
Valve Lifter Tapping
Warm/Hot Start Problems
Warmup Regulator Rebuild
What is the "knob" on the very top of the engine?
Windshield Washer Pump Replacement