928 Tips


Alarm - Arming Itself
Alarm Control Unit
Alarm Goes Off when Opening Door
Alarm Remote Lock/Unlock
Alarm System Upgrade
Alternator Checkup
Alternator Failure / Warning Lights
Alternator Problems in a '79
Alternator Rebuild Information
Alternator Replacement, 1982
Alternator Troubleshooting
Alternator Voltage Spikes
Backup Light Failure
Back-up Lights don't Work
Batery Drain Diagnosis
Battery Cable Upgrade
Battery Charger for Longterm Storage
Battery Information
Battery Replacement Options
Battery Selection: Maintenance-type vs. "Freedom"
Brake Lights Out
Cleaning Electrical Contacts
Contact Cleaning
Cruise Amplifier Rebuild Service
Cruise Control Amplifier Rebuild
Cruise Control Brain Location
Current Draw Measurements
Daytime Running Lights
Diagnosing Cruise Control Failure
Diagnosing Problems with LH-equipped Engines
Dome Light Short Circuit
Door Light Switch Cleaning/Replacement
Doors Unlock Spontaneously
Engine Bay Light
Fog Lights not Working
Fog Lights, Wiring Mod for Full-Time, Early 928
Fog Lights, Wiring Mod for Full-Time, S4
Fuel Gauge Sender Testing
Fuel Injection Brain / Airflow Meter Rebuild Service
Fuel Injection Brain Info
Fuel Injection Brain Info: '87/'88
Fuel Injection Computer Rebuild Services for Europe and US
Fuel Injection Computer Self Repair
Fuel Injector Connector Replacement
Fuel Level Sending Unit Replacement
Fuel Pump Relay Testing
Hatch Release doesn't Stop Running
Hatch Release not Working Properly
Headlamp Bulb Wattage Upgrade Warning
Headlights not Lighting
Hesitation over Bumps & False T-Belt Warnings: Fixed
Horn Replacement
Horn Testing and Adjustment
Horn Volume is too Soft
Ignition Circuit Monitoring Relay
Ignition Coil Diagnostics
Illumination of Climate Control Panel
Interior Light Delay Info
Interior Light over Mirror
Interior Light Wiring Tutorial
Interior Lights - Intermittant Failure
Interior Lights Don't Come on when Door is Opened
Interior Lights Wont Turn Off
Parking and Stop Light Bulbs
Power Antenna not Retracting
Power Window is Slow
Power Window Problems
Power Window Switch Info
Rear Hatch Release - Driver's Side Only
Rear Window Defroster Stuck on = Dead Battery
Rear Wiper Motor Service
Relay Removal
Short Circuit Diagnosis
Starter Ground Point
Starter is Intermittant
Starter Solenoid Disgnosis
Starter Wont Engage When Hot
Starting Failure, Intermittant
Starting is Intermittent
Sunroof Opens but does not Close
Sunroof Stuck Open
Throttle Switch Test
Troubleshooting Guide for Hard Starting Problems
Wire Color Codes
Wire Harness Connector Pinout
Wiring Diagram Tutorial
Wiring Harness Repair
X Relay