928 Tips

Transmission, Manual

Bell Housing Removal, In-Car
Clutch Adjustment, Double Disc (early cars)
Clutch Bleeding Tips
Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement
Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement #2
Clutch Noise: Throwout Bearing?
Clutch not Disengaging - Hard Shifts
Clutch Pedal Stays on Floor
Clutch Pedal went Limp
Clutch Release Lever Bushing Replacement
Clutch Removal
Clutch Replacement - Other things to do/check
Clutch Replacment Tips for Early Models
Double-Disc Clutch Adjustment
Filler Plug wont Budge
Flywheel Removal Tip: Bolts
Gearset Swapping for Higher Revs
Loose Gearstick
Loss of 4th Gear
Master Cylinder Hose Replacement
Pilot Bearing Removal
Pilot Bearing Removal, Damaged Bearing
Rear Shift Coupling Rebuild
Rebuild Rookie Report
Redline Gear Oil Recommendation
Shift Knob Replacement
Shift Lever Always Pulled to Right
Shifter Cup Failure
Shifter Cup Replacement Tips
Shifter Free Play Explained
Shortening the Shifter
Tranny Removal
Trans Oil Drain and Flush
Trans Oil Refil - Quick Method
Trans. Oil Recommendation
Transaxle Rebuild Tips
Twin-plate Clutch Adjustment