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Clutch Pedal Stays on Floor

Clutch Pedal Stays on Floor

Pete wrote:
>Yesterday when I got into my 87 928S4 with 77,000 miles, the clutch pedal was
>all the way down. The clutch has been replaced some 20,000 miles ago. I pulled
>it back up, pushed it in, and then seemed to have at least partial operation.

>Can anyone help me with the problem so that I can correct it, before I get
>stuck with the car?

James wrote:
>Your clutch master cylinder is pooched... kaput.... no longer working
>properly. Replace it asap before you find yourself with no clutch at all,
>or find the shark swimming into an intersection against the light as the
>fluid pressure in the clutch master cylinder bleeds off.

Pete and James,
It could also be the slave cylinder or even a pinhole or leak in the rubber hose section of the hose assembly that goes from the clutch MC to the Slave. There seems to be a rash of the flexible hoses on the 87-88s going bad lately judging by the demand I have noticed in the last month or so.

Also, as John White said in an earlier post simply look for leakage in the hydraulic clutch components.

Here is a short guideline that may help.

Clutch M/Cs will typically leak inside the car on the firewall where the clutch pedal actuator rod enters the rubber boot, you can also pull the rubber boot back to inspect for signs of fluid.

Clutch S/Cs will leak into the lower clutch housing and can sometimes be seen coming out of the clutch inspection hole and/or around the mounting flange.

Hose leaks should show up on the rubber hose section/fittings of the flexible hose between the oil pan/starter area and drivers side of the chassis.

For your sake I hope it is the Clutch S/C or the hose since the Clutch M/C is a pain to replace ... unless you employ the "cheater" 10 minute Clutch M/C rebuild trick a few of us use.

Good luck,

David Roberts

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