928 Tips


928S4 Rear Decal Placement
Aluminum Body Panels on 928, or Not?
Bike and Ski Racks
Black Window Tim is Faded
Car Car Tips
Condensation behind Lens
Door Handle is Broken
Door Key Trim Ring Polishing
Door Lock Removal
Front Bumper Cover Removal
Front Fender Removal
Front Side Window Trim
Hood Release Broken - Now What?
Intensive Washer Solution
Key wont Go Completely into Lock
Mirror Came Loose
Mirror Glass Removal, S4
Painting Front Spoiler
Painting Rear Wing
Power Antenna does not Retract Fully
Power Window is "Slow"
Rear Bumper Cover Removal Tips, pre '86
Rear Hatch is Squeeky
Rear Hatch not Opening - Fix
Rear Hatch Release Adjustment
Rear Hatch Seal Replacement
Rear Hatch Water Leak near Hinge
Rear Hatch wont Open
Rear Tow Socket Cap
Rear Wiper Detached/Off-Center
Rear Wiper Gear Repair
Rear Wiper not Moving
Repairing Cracked Front Spoiler
Replacing Body Seals / Removing Mirrors
Scratch removal
Side Rear Window Removal
Side Rear Window Trim Installation
Side-view Mirror Adjustment/Removal
Side-View Mirror Convex Lens
Side-View Mirror Glass Removal
Side-view Mirror Wiring Diagram
Side-view Mirror, S4/GT to GTS Aero Conversion
Spoiler Repair
Spot-free Car Wash
Sunroof Adjustment
Sunroof Leak
Sunroof Seal Replacement and Adjustment
Touch-Up Paint
Undertray Fastener Replacement
Window Scratch Repair
Window Seal Replacement
Window Tinting
Windshield Cowl Panel Removal
Windshield Rattle Solved
Windshield Replacement
Windshield Trim is Loose and Noisy
Windshield Washer Check Valve Replacement
Windshield Washer Nozzle Leak
Windshield Washers Don't Work
Windshield Wiper does not "Park"