928 Tips

Climate Control

A/C Blows Cool Air, but not Cold
A/C Compressor Bearing Noise
A/C Compressor Runs Constantly
AC Repair Story
AC Starts out Cold but Dosen't Stay Cold
AC Web Site
Air Recirculation Control
Blower Fan Removal & Cleaning
Blower Motor - Sudden Death
Blower Motor Malfunction
Blower Motor not Running at all
Blower Motor Replacement
Bulb Replacment - A/C Switch
Buzzing Noise from HVAC Control Unit
Cabin Temperature Sensor is Noisy
Center Vent Always Emits Warm Air
Center Vent Vacuum Unit Replacment
Compressor Bearing Replacement
Compressor Clutch Power Relay
Compressor Clutch Power Relay, Story #2
Compressor Functions Intermittently
Controller Removal
Conversion to R-134
Expansion Valve Replacement
Fan Blade Removal, Early 928's
Freeze Switch Replacement
Illumination of Slider Knobs
Leaky A/C
No Heat = Bad Vacuum Solenoid
Odor of Burnt Oil Entering through Vents
Outside Temperature Sensor Testing/Cleaning
Pressure Guage Attachment Points, 928S4
R-12 Substitute?
R-134a Conversion O-Ring List
R-134a Conversion Tips
R-134a DIY Conversion
R-134a Retrofit Bulletin
R-134a vs. R-12
Rear A/C Diagnosis
Rear A/C Rattle
Rear AC Blows Cold but Front Doesn't
Receiver/dryer Sensor Description
Recharging dead system with "Freeze 12"
Recirculation Flap Actuator Replacement
Replacing Cabin Temperature Sensor
Stuck on "Hot"
Successful R-134a Conversion
Tapping Noise from Center Vent
Temperature Regulation Failure
Temperature Sensor Troubleshooting
Temporary fix for system stuck on "hot"
Vacuum Failures / Replacing Flap Actuator
Vacuum Testing
Water Dripping from A/C