928 Tips


86 or 86.5 Model Year?
Annual Maintenance
Auto Transport Companies
Avoid a Catalytic Converter Fire!
Book Recommendations
Car Insurance Links
Cars and Parts Wanted and For Sale
Club Sport Description
Color Codes and Car Photos
Conversion Factors
Difference between 90 and 91 GT
Differences between S4 and GT
Driver's Ed Insurance Coverage
Excellence Magazine
Front Tow Socket & Toolkit Info
Front Tow Socket, Removal of Stripped
G Meter Homebrew
G Meter that Plugs into Cigarette Lighter
Garage Lift Suggestions
Gas Tank wont Fill
Hardware Stores Online
Identifying a Euro car in the US
Insurance Payouts for "Totalled" Cars
Interactive Engineering Programs
Internet Sites with Cars for Sale
Manuals, Repair and Parts
Model Year Differences
Other Web Sites with 928 Maintenance Tips
Porsche Flag
Program for Logging Maintenance
Prospective Owner Questions
Questions from a 944 Owner
Raising all 4 Corners onto Jack Stands
Recall 800 Number
Registering 928-Euro in the U.S.
Service Bulletins
Supercharged 928 - Web Link
Thread Repair
Tips for Buying a 928
Tips for Internet Purchases
Towing: Front Tow Socket
Trailer Hitch / Bike Rack
Vendor Websites
Warning Against Destroying Windshield
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Winterizing Procedures and Tips