928 Tips

Transmission, Automatic

ATF Leaking from Front of Car
Auto -> Manual Transmission Swap
Auto Shifter Handle Repair
Bulb Replacement - Console
Clunks when Shifting from Park to Drive
Console Gear Indicator Illumination
Delaying Upshifts
Easy Mod for Firmer Shifts
Flexplate Inspection
Flexplate Pressure Results in Serious Damage
Fluid and Filter Change
Fluid Change Procedure
Fluid Leak due to Low Fluid Level
Fluid Level Check without a Lift, 1991
Fluid Level Checking
Front Bushing Wear TSB
Getting 1st Gear Starts
Hard Shifts
Instrument Panel Light Replacement
Kickdown Relay Tutorial
Kickdown Switch Mod
Manual Downshifting
Preselector Spring Tension
Replacing Burned-out "Drive" Indicator Light
Reverse Lights Don't Illuminate
Reverse Lights don't Work
Shift Kit
Shifter Cable Replacement
Shifter Cover Removal
Shifter Pointer Adjustment
Stall Speed Increase
Starting out in first gear
Stuck in First Gear
Throttle Cable Placement
Trans Fluid "Leak"
Wont Upshift